Modulating Float Valve

  • Modulating Float Valve

Applicable Standard

The series of Modulating Float Valve consists of a wide range of float valves. Valves are available for horizontal mounting & vertical mounting. They are designed to controls the level of liquids in open tank, ponds, basins, and other similar reservoirs. The series consists of modulating float valve, float on-off globe type valve, float angle type valve.

Product Applications

  • Marine & Mining.
  • Distillery Plant.
  • Fertilizer Plant.
  • Pulp & Paper mill.
  • Industrial Chemical Piping.
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Plant.
  • Textile and Process Industries.
  • Thermal and Nuclear Power Plant.

Product Specification

  • Globe Type: 20 To 50 Nb Screwed, 50 To 300 Nb Flanged
  • Angle Type: 20 To 50 Nb Screwed, 50 To 300 Nb Flanged
  • Pressure Class: 150 Cl & 300 Cl
  • Temperature Range: 20 Deg C To 100 Deg C
  • Media: Water 
  • Material: WCB, Ductile Iron, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M,CF8C, CN7M, CD4MCu, Inconel, Duplex steel 4A, 5A, 6A, Aluminium Bronze, Hastelloy C

Product Features

  • Float On-Off Globe Type Valve
  • Float On-Off Angle Type Valve
  • Maximum Range : 0 To 300 Psi-G
  • Maintain relatively constant level
  • Low supply pressure option available
  • Automatic compensation for level drawdown
  • Accurate Level Control
  • Completely Automatic & Simple Operation
  • Easy Installation & Maintenance