Modulating Pressure Reducing Valve

  • Modulating Pressure Reducing Valve

Applicable Standard

Modulating Pressure Reducing Valve Is Used In Many Applications Worldwide. The Primary Function Of The Series Is To Reduce A Greater Upstream Pressure To A Lesser, More Manageable Downstream Pressure, Operating Without Regard To Either Upstream Supply Or Downstream Demand.

Product Applications

  • Applications include branch circuits of a hydraulic system that need to operate at a lesser pressure than the main system pressure to perform light duty functions.
  • These valves are also used in applications that need to be adjustable so that a system can operate within various ranges.  

Product Specification

  • Valve size - 2" to 12"
  • Pressure Class: 150 Cl & 300 Cl
  • Temperature Range: 20 Deg C To 100 Deg C
  • Media: Water 
  • Material: WCB, CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M,CF8C, CN7M, CD4MCu, Hast alloy, Inconel, Duplex, Stainless Steel
  • Max. Inlet Pressure: 300 Psi-G
  • Max. Outlet Pressure: 0 To 150 Psi-G

Product Features

  • Pilot operated, Diaphragm sensing  
  • Reduces Higher Inlet Pressure To A Constant Lower Outlet Pressure.
  • Outlet Pressure Is Accurate Over Wide Range Of Flow.
  • Pilot-Operated Main Valve Is Not Subject To Pressure Fall
  • Off Characteristic Of Direct-Acting PRV's.
  • Outlet Pressure Is Adjustable Over Complete Range Of Control Spring.