Pressure Regulators Overview

The Pressure Regulators provide quick response and accurate pressure regulation for industrial air preparation applications. When choosing a pressure regulator the factors like flow requirements, operating pressure ranges, temperature range etc. must be considered. The range of our Pressure Regulators is contained Low Pressure Regulators, High Pressure Regulators, Clean Steam Pressure Regulator and Back Pressure Regulator. The backpressure regulator is initially closed valve which installed at the end of the system to block the flow to regulate upstream which is generally known as back pressure. The backpressure regulator is also used to provide pressure in order to draw fluid off the system.
Some Useful Details About Our Piston Operated Pressure Regulator
Media: Air, Water, Gas
Type: Spring loaded, Piston Operated
Maximum inlet pressure: 4000 Psi
Outlet pressure range: 0 to 400 Psi / 0 to 1000 Psi
Body test Pressure: 1.5 time more than maximum inlet pressure
Inlet, Outlet, & Gauge Size: 1/4 inch , 3/8 inch , 1/2 inch
Temperature: 25 to 70 deg. C