Butterfly Valve

  • Butterfly Valve

Applicable Standard

  • Manufacturing Standard: BS 5155
  • Inspection And Testing Standard: API 598 / BS 6755 Part 1
  • Pressure-Temperature Rating: ASME B 16.34
  • Face to Face Dimension: ISO 5752 Table 5
  • Flanged End Dimension: ASME B 16.5

Product Applications

  • Waterworks.
  • Power plants.
  • Sewage plants
  • Marine & Mining.
  • Pulp & Paper mill.
  • Process industries.
  • Oil, Gas, Petrochemical Plant.
  • Textile and Process Industries.
  • Thermal and Nuclear Power Plant.

Product Specification

  • Size:1-1/2" ~ 16" (DN 40mm to 600mm)
  • Rating: PN10, PN16
  • End Connection: Flanged End, Lug Type, Wafer Typed
  • Operating: Handwheel, Gear operated

Product Features

  • Butterfly Valves are available in Wafer Type, Wafer Lug Type & Flanged End Type.
  • Heavy duty bearing absorbs the forces acting on the stem/disc assembly due to line pressure.
  • Unique stem retention system to provide blow-out proof stem and easy assembly and disassembly of the valve.
  • High strength disc with hand polished disc edge and hubs ensure excellent corrosion resistance to several chemical media.
  • Rubber Lined Butterfly valves incorporate the optimum design features to provide long trouble-free service in the field with minimal maintenance.
  • This general purpose Resilient seated Butterfly valve has a fully rubber lined single piece body with a centric disc construction and is available in wafer lugged style body pattern to ensure precise location in the pipeline.