Hyper Valves Testing Unit

Inspection & Testing of all products manufactured are tested as per API 598. It includes Incoming inspection is executed when raw material/out sourced parts are incoming. Followed by In-process Inspection which is executed when trim parts are finished one each process like machining, drilling, etc. and final inspection which covers dimensional, and appearance check when part/bodies are lined for assembly & Testing. Different Pressures Testes like Body hydro & pneumatic tests prior to assembly and post assembly are executed. Functional Tests: Are executed with stated parameters.


High Pressure Hydro-pneumatic Test Bench

Stations : 6

Capacity : Up to 2’’ X 2500 #

Tortech Make Hydraulic Testing Pump with 5 HP Motor Capacity: 10,000 Psig.

Air compressor- 14.0 Bar Pressure with 4HP Motor 14 bar

High Pressure Hydraulic Test Bench Self made Capacity : 15,000 Psig

Hardness Tester FIE --- 1 no.

Testing Facility Gallery