Clean Steam Pressure Regulator

  • Clean Steam Pressure Regulator

Applicable Standard

Clean Steam Pressure Regulator

Product Applications

Direct acting, spring-loaded diaphragm sensing pressure reducing valves are designed for use with clean steam, compressed air, water and other gases or liquids compatible with the construction materials. This valve is specifically designed for the high purity gas systems found in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical and food & beverage processes.

Product Specification

  • Size: 1” , 1.5" & 2"
  • Rating: 150# , 300#
  • Max. Inlet Pressure: 7 Kg/cm2 
  • Max. Outlet Pressure: 1 to 5 Kg/cm2 
  • Max. Temperature Range: Up To 120 Deg C
  • Applicable Media: Pure Application ( Air, Gas & Steam)
  • Material: SS304, SS316, Hast alloy, Inconel, Duplex, Stainless Steel
  • End connection: Tri clover end

Product Features

  • Spring loaded pressure regulator
  • Diaphragm sensing 
  • Compact design.
  • Duel clamp design, easy to dismantle for cleaning